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Gutter Kerbstone

Kerb stones are horizontal concrete or stone blocks designed to edge and separate sidewalks, driveways, and roads from adjacent landscaped or grassed areas.  They act as a barrier, preventing vehicles and pedestrians from encroaching on green spaces while enhancing the visual appeal of the surrounding environment.​​

Discover our range of high-quality kerbstones, designed to meet the demands of both aesthetic and functional requirements in urban and suburban landscapes. Kerb stones play a crucial role in road and highway infrastructure, assisting in traffic management, lane separation, and directing the flow of vehicles. They also facilitate a smooth transition from lower pavement to raised pavement, ensuring safety and accessibility for all users.

Half Batter Kerbstones are identified by the slight 12.5 degree angle profile on the face. Half Batter Kerbstones are commonly used worldwide as edging of roads due to the face profile, not allowing vehicles to mount the kerb easily.

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