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How do I identify anti-skid paving?

Anti-skid Concrete Tile are identified by the pimple mark finish on the face of the product. An anti-skid concrete tile will provide resistance to the pedestrian's foot and reduce the chances of slipping. This is also true for driveways, where a tyre will have more friction to assist in breaking.

Why choose AIM anti-skid paving?

An anti-skid concrete tile is a perfect option to use for several reasons, the most obvious being the increased safety prospect for pedestrians. Anti-Skid paving is also one of AIM's less expensive option when considering options for hardscaping.

Maintaining is also very easy for an anti-skid paver.

AIM provide numerous textures and finishes to enhance your development.

We AIM to work with urban designers and streetscape designer to provide an inclusive habitat to all road users, through the utilisation of different finishes.

When the concrete tile has undergone a process of texturing either by rotating disk or shot/sand blasting, it is collectively known as an exposed aggregate finish.

Anti-Skid Concrete Tile

Where are anti-skid concrete paving usually used?

Anti-skid concrete paving are usually used in pedestrian areas, due to its anti-slip properties, although they are often used in vehicular paving too. They are perfect for platforms, ramps and other areas that require more friction.

What quality standards do AIM follow?

AIM's range of paving tiles and blocks conform to and exceed the BS-EN 1339 standard and are known for its superior quality.

We achieve this by manufacturing hydraulically pressed products, using wet mix concrete technology, not allowing for any honeycombing to occur and therefore producing a market leading quality to be proud of.

AIM are capable of manufacturing a large variety of sizes in different thicknesses. Over the past 12 years we have built our mould range up to cater for the growing demands and requirements of the Saudi market. We are able to manufacture odd thicknesses due to our wet mix technology.

In addition to the moulds we have amassed, AIM have invested in producing our own line of cutting machines. AIM utilise cutting machines to provide smaller dimensions such as 100x100mm or odd shapes such as quadrilaterals.

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