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Product Range

AIM product range includes Kerb Stones, Paving Flags, Wheel Stoppers, Steps & Risers, Cladding, Coping & Cable Tiles. AIM also manufacture custom furniture, barriers and more on request. Please reach out to us on with your inquiry or call us on +966 12 215 8558.

Kerb Stone

AIM has the largest variety of Kerb Stones available in Saudi Arabia. These include full batter, half batter, splay, agricultural, flush, bullnosed & chamfered.  Our products can exceed a strength of 50 MPa. 

Textures available include:


Shot Blast

Sand Blast

Anti - Skid

Fair Face Machine Finish

Standard Dimensions of Kerb Stone:

915x305; 915x250; 915x180

600x400; 500x350; 500x300; 500x250

Paving Flags

AIM can provide paving tiles of various dimensions and thicknesses. We are able to manufacture products as per consultant requirements. Our products can come with or without chamfers

​Textures available include:

Shot Blast

Sand Blast








Standard Dimensions of Paving Flags available between 40 & 100mm:

1000x415; 915x305; 915x250; 915x180

600x600; 600x400; 600x300; 600x200

500x500; 500x350; 500x300; 500x250

400x400; 300x300

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