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KAEC Exhibition Centre Paving by AIM

AIM are capable of manufacturing a large variety of sizes in different thicknesses. Over the past 12 years we have built our mould range up to cater for the growing demands and requirements of the Saudi market. We are able to manufacture odd thicknesses due to our wet mix technology.

In addition to the moulds we have amassed, AIM have invested in producing our own line of cutting machines. AIM utilise 7 cutting machines to provide smaller dimensions such as 100x100mm or odd shapes such as quadrilaterals.

AIM enjoy working with creative architects to develop new ranges and push the boundaries.

Our range of flags and blocks conform to and exceed specifications for BS-EN 1339 and are known for its superior quality.


Concrete Tile Dimensions


AIM provide numerous textures and finishes to enhance your development.

We AIM to work with urban designers and streetscape designer to provide an inclusive habitat to all road users, through the utilisation of different finishes.

Below are some of our more popular finishes and textures available, however if you would prefer something more unique, please drop us an email and we will see what we can do to bring your vision to life.

Please note that, with different textures and finishes, the same colour may seem to be a different shade. This is normal and goes to show the versatility of concrete products.

When the concrete tile has undergone a process of texturing either by rotating disk or shot/sand blasting, it is collectively known as an exposed aggregate finish.

Shotblast Concrete Tile is given a matt rough finish by blasting steel balls at the surface of a concrete tile or kerbstones.

Shotblasted Concrete Tile

Concrete Tile has a smooth glossy finish using a high speed rotating disk to apply a polished finish 

Polished Concrete Tile

Curled Concrete Tile is given a leathery finish, with a slight glossy and matt finish, providing a beautiful smooth bumper finish  

Curled Concrete Tile

Honed Concrete Tiles are similar to polish, and are also subject to a high speed rotating disk, but the finish is not as glossy

Honed Concrete Tile

Diamond Cut Concrete Tile is given a smooth and matt finish, using a high speed rotating disk

Diamond Cut Concrete Tile

Fair Face Concrete Tiles are smooth, non-textured, concrete tiles. These are the most basic finish.

Fair Face Concrete Tile

Anti-Skid or Anti-Slip Concrete Tiles are concrete tiles that have a dotted finish, providing more grip.

Anti-Skid Concrete Tile

Riven Concrete Tiles are concrete tiles that mimic the look of a mountain face

Riven Concrete Tile

Wood finish Concrete Tile are concrete tiles with a wood effect finish

Wood Effect Concrete Tile

Tactile Concrete Tile are concrete tiles that provide assistance and guidance to the visually impaired or to provide attention

Tactile Concrete Tile


Over the past decade, AIM have used British manufactured colour pigment admixtures to ensure our products never lose the shade it was designed and manufactured to be.

Our numerous projects will stand testament to our quality standards, which include colour-fastness of the product.

AIM colour range has over 100 variations of pigments to choose from. Our colours formulated over the past decade are down to innovation and inspiration from landscape ar-chitects as well as our own ingenuity, providing a colour pallet for the region that matches its surroundings.

We have identified the colours below to be of popularity currently however if you would prefer a touch lighter, or perhaps something which has different coloured aggregates, please reach out to us to request what you would prefer.

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