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What is GRANA-LUX?

Introducing Grana-Lux™, new to the Saudi Arabian market – a brand you can trust. Grana-Lux™ products are concrete products that resemble natural stone and are extremely versatile in applications across the board.



The benefits of Grana-Lux™ products are as follows:

- Cost-Effective, Long lasting & durable - AIM guarantees its products for 10 years for structural integrity.  Over the course of 10 years, using an AIM product will save approximately 80% in hard costs and further soft cost savings.

- Very low water absorption - Grana-Lux™ products are manufactured with a wet singular full body mix of concrete, which when compressed, leaves little to no honeycombing. 

- Colour Lock Technology - using UK manufactured colour, which goes all the way through the body of the product, ensuring longevity of product quality.

- High compressive strength

- Resistant to salt water from ground and air

- Available in a large variety of sizes, colours and textures.


+966 12 215 8558



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