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AIM Industries Kerbstone installd


AIM has the largest variety of Kerb Stones available in Saudi Arabia. All of the mentioned faces have different functions and are used in different ways to deter use of road.

Our products can exceed a strength of 50 MPa. Our products conform to and exceed BS-EN 1338.

Textures available include:
Shot Blast
Anti - Skid
Fair Face Machine Finish
Patterned or Informational Design

Kerbstones installed at KAEC Business Park


A kerbstone is used specifically for defining boundaries of roads, streets and parking lots. They prevent spreading from the highway and help drivers to follow sidewalk lines. Kerbstones can be used to create boundaries between gardens and houses, parks and squares.


A kerbstone helps maintain the structural integrity of roads and help to organise streetscape and provide directions for both passengers as well as drivers.


AIM Industries Precast Concrete Kerbstone, Kerb Stone, Curb Stone, Kerbs

Half Batter Kerbstone

Half Batter Kerbstone are widely used worldwide and are commonly used due to its profile, allowing the car to not mount a pathway easily.

Single Chamfer Kerbstone

Single Chamfer Kerbstones are also known as agricultural kerbs, near trees and pathways in gardens.

Double Chamfer Kerbstone

Double Chamfer Kerbstones are used as agricultural kerbs, near trees and pathways in gardens as well as parking kerbs.

Splay Kerbstone

Splay Kerbstones are commonly used across Saudi Arabia and are mainly used on highways, allowing trucks to mount the pathways.

Flush Kerbstone

Flush Kerbstones are commonly used worldwide as demarcations between a road and a parking section or borders.

Upstand Kerbstone

Upstand Kerbstones also known as Bullstone Kerbstones have a 19mm rounded edge.

Trief Kerbstone

Trief Kerbstones are used as containment kerbs to ensure cars travelling at speeds between 30-60 KM/H and deter pedestrians from crossing at certain sections

Barrier Kerbstone

Barrier Kerbstones are used as demarcation or sectioning between road

Gutter Kerbstone

Gutter Kerbstones are used on the side of roads, allowing water to channel in to gutters


Kerbstone Dimensions
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